Do you like my slutty outfit dad?

I really don't like having to go to such a conservative college dad. I know you and mom think it's best but it is stifling! I was sent home today for wearing an outfit that completely covered all my important parts even thought admittedly is a little over the top for school. You want to see the outfit I wore? Ok sure, wait here and you will see it's really not that bad. See! Everything that should be covered up is covered. I even still have my nerdy glasses on. This shouldn't have got me sent home, should it? Oh whoa, I think I know why the dean sent me home…I see something stirring in your pants. The dean was probably turned on like you are and couldn't do anything about his boner but send me home. You know how crazy mom gets when I am in trouble at school so I think you and I can work out a way that she won't know about this. I'm pretty open minded when it comes to sex so why don't I give you a little quickie and we forget I was ever in trouble. You're only my step-dad so it's not that wrong, is it? Ha, that's what I thought. Look how fast your cock made its way over to my mouth. Let me suck you before I fuck you. You want to taste me? Oh yes, please lick my tight little pussy. Seeing how turned on you are by me makes me so horny for your cock. Am I wet enough for you to slide in? Oh god yes, fuck me hard! Of course I'll turn over so you can see my ass. You can't cum inside me though, you have to pull out. You can make a mess on my ass if you want. That was fun! I'm kind of glad I got in trouble today and had a chance to get laid as a result. I may have to dress a little sluttier at school more often.

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