How can I repay you?

You and my cousin seem to have the perfect life. I mean look at this house! You two seem like the absolute perfect couple. I wish I were so lucky to have a guy like you. I only seem to attract total losers who take my money and leave. Its weird to be broke and without a job right now so I hope you know how much I truly appreciate you letting me stay here until I can get on my own two feet. It has been bothering me that I cant help out with your utility bills or groceries. I need to feel like I am contributing to your household. I didnt say anything to my cousin about asking you to come talk to me so lets keep this between us. I notice she has kind of let herself go as far as she stopped working out a couple years ago. One of the things I have going for me is my young tight body. Since I dont have any money to contribute to helping out around here, let me contribute in other ways. This is just between you and me.

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