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We can't get caught by my husband!

I wish you had gotten here sooner! Now we have to hurry before he gets home from work. Lets get right to it! I'm undressed already why aren't you? Let me get that cock wet in my mouth before you stick it in. Oh I can hardly wait to feel you inside me. Ah thatís it, just like that. I've been craving your cock for so long. I need to feel you inside me. You're making me cum so good! My husband has no idea what makes me feel good. Let me ride this big long cock of yours. I love to feel every inch deep inside me. Now that you've got me off, what position do you want me so you can get your nut? Oh yes, love doggystyle but you have to pull out and cum on my ass. Oh! That was a surprise load! I didn't even know you were ready so fast but I really like the warm cum you left on my ass. Now we have to hurry and get cleaned up. I love fucking you but we can't get caught by my husband just yet anyway. I still have a lot more money to stash away before I run away with you, my sexy lover.

Date Added: 05/18/2013
Starring: Daisy Layne
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 5 mins

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