We should be more than friends.  |  (Random)

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We should be more than friends.

I've been doing lots of thinking about us and our friendship status. I think it's time we went to a different level. I love being sexual and want to help you learn to embrace your sexuality. What better way to learn it than from a good friend? My sacred private parts are only sacred and private to me. It's my choice with whom I want to share my private parts. I see religion has held you down long enough. Today is the day we take our friendship to a new level together. I'm going to show you my private parts and tell you what I like done to them. We're also going to fuck afterward. I really want to feel you inside me. Let's just have fun with this. Go ahead and slide it into me, in this hole. Move back and forth but don't cum too quickly. Push it in and out a little more before you release your load. Ok, now pull out and let me see the cum release from your cock. Oh wow, how did that feel? We're still good friends right? We can do this lots more if you want. To hell with religion and what people may think of our friendship, let's fuck!

Date Added: 07/20/2013
Starring: Amanda Tate
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 12 mins

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