Is it true you are a full time couch surfer?  |  (Random)

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Is it true you are a full time couch surfer?

You seem like such a nice guy. I've been wanting to thank you for letting me stay here a few months before I head off to college. My house is so crowded now that I have a new stepmom, your sister. Even though you are aren't blood to me you still let me come live with you since it's so close to where I'll be going to school soon. Maybe it's not my place to say anything but I am very curious. Do you have to do permanent couch duty here in your own house? I notice your wife is not very affectionate toward you. You must be real lonely having to spend every night on the couch not to mention you must me super horny. I actually think you're pretty hot for an older guy. I kind of want to try you out. This is so wrong but since we aren't blood related it's not that bad. Let me have a feel of what's in your pants Uncle. Oh wow, I could have fun with that. I'm sure you want to try our my tight little pussy don't you? Let 's have some fun. I'll even call you uncle while you fuck me if it turns you on. Do you like my all natural tight young body? Touch my perky titties, it's ok to squeeze them. I can hardly wait to feel your dick inside me and stretching me out. Oh my I didn't think I would like this so much! You certainly know how to fuck a pussy good, uncle! You're pumping faster does that mean you're about to blow your load? Oh! I just felt it splash my ass! To bad we didn't discover this sooner but I still have a few more months left to fool around with my favorite uncle.

Date Added: 09/03/2013
Starring: Addie Juniper
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 12 mins

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