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I meant no disrespect.

It's not what you think, really. I didn't mean to mess around with your son, my cousin. I mean, you aren't really my Uncle, just step related. It's nice of you to let me stay here and all but I didn't mean any disrespect by what you saw me doing with him. Tell you what, I happen to have noticed that you don't get much action around here. I never see your wife being nice to you in that way. I bet it's been months since you've gotten any action other than your own hand. I'll do what you saw me doing to your son, to you. Let me make it up to you and help you get rid of some pent up stress. Now, doesn't my pretty mouth around your cock make you feel a little better? How about my perfect hands wrapped around your hard on. Do you like the way my perky natural titties feel against your dick? I want to make you feel as good as I made your son feel. Will you give me your warm cum? I'll swallow it all from your cock. Oh wow, you taste good and had such a huge load for me. We can make this a regular thing while I'm staying here if you want.

Date Added: 11/03/2013
Starring: Rilynn Rae
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 13 mins

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