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Ashlyn's first time

Do you want to hang out with Ashlyn while you wait for her older sister to show up? Ashlyn tells you that her sister is very happy with you, but she also tells you that she thinks you are cooler than the guys at her school. In fact, she confesses to you that she is a virgin at 18 years old. She never found a guy who was really worth it, but she has jerked off a cock before. It is too bad that you are dating her sister. Maybe she could make you her dirty little secret. There are a lot of things that Ashlyn wants to try, so maybe you can help her try something with her. Do you want to kiss her? She promises not to tell her sister. You move in closer and give her a kiss. That seems to please her and she tells you that she feels wet in her panties. Do you want to try something else, too? You are slightly hesitant, but you cannot resist a sexy 18-year-old girl who wants to play with your dick. Ashlyn is instantly excited and she wants to watch you jack off. She proudly shows off her boobs to you and she then asks you to jack your dick off nice and slow. This horny younger sister cannot resist and she takes your dick into her hand and strokes it. Again she wants you to kiss her. She slides her panties to the side and you see her meaty pussy lips. Do you want to be her first? If you do, you will have to be gentle with her virgin pussy. You have never been so turned on before and when she spreads her legs nice and wide, you just want to jump in, but you know you need to be gentle this first time. Slowly you slide your hard dick into her wet hole and you see her face change. You are going nice and deep and it is taking everything for you not to pump her and blow your load right then and there. When she asks you to take her from behind, you do not hesitate and you pump her again slowly and deeply as she moans. This is the tightest pussy you have ever felt. She informs you that she wants your cum in her mouth, not in her pussy, and you happily give her just that.

Date Added: 11/14/2016
Starring: Ashlynn Leigh
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 14 mins

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