Were both sexually frustrated.  |  (Random)

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Were both sexually frustrated.

Hey thanks for letting me in the house so I can pick up my bra and panties I left here last week. Thanks for letting me crash here since I was too drunk to drive home. I can't believe I left such a sexy set of underwear here. You must be really lonely now that my sister works the night shift. I just broke up with my boyfriend and I get kind of lonely. The thing is he didn't have a big enough dick to satisfy me. My sister says you have a huge cock but it terrifies her so she acts like a prude with you. I wouldn't be prudish with you. I'd like to feel your cock in the back of my mouth making me gag. I'd even do you doggie cause I know my sister doesn't put out like that. You wouldn't be a bad husband if we fucked. Every man has needs and so do I. We just happen to be here together and should definitely work off some sexual frustration.

Date Added: 05/07/2014
Starring: Lola Foxx
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 8 mins

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