We cannot tell my boyfriend about this.  |  (Random)

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We cannot tell my boyfriend about this.

It was a lot of fun helping you with your science project. It turned out good don't you think? You should get a really good grade. I'm surprised my boyfriend actually didn't mind that we spent so much time together working on this. Truth is, I sometimes wish he weren't my boyfriend. I've liked you much longer but I didn't think you were interested in me that way. We've spent so much time working on your project and it made me aware that you do like me. I think since the project is over now that we should do something because this might be our only chance. I know he is your best friend but as long as you don't say anything, I'm certainly going to keep this secret.

Date Added: 05/15/2014
Starring: Lara Brookes
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 7 mins

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