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You're the hottest older man.

All the girls are sleeping downstairs. I couldn't sleep and heard the t.v. on so came in to see if I could sit with you. Did you daughter tell you that earlier we had a contest of who has the hottest Dad, and you won? We all thought you are the sexiest by far. How does that make you feel? There are some of us girls who really do like older men. Do you like younger girls? Eighteen isn't terribly young for a man like you, is it? Wouldn't you like to feel a body that is so much more toned than you wife's? As good looking as you are, you should be with someone young, like me. Everyone is asleep so if you want, I would be totally open to playing around with you right now. Come on, where both adults, you just happen to be my girlfriend's dad. Its not like you came on to me either, I'm the one who instigated us fooling around together. You know what I am really good at and got voted best in school for? Giving the best head. You wanna see? You taste really good and you're bigger than the guys I've seen. Lick my pussy so you can stick it in my tight little hole. You should tongue fuck my asshole before you slide your big dick in my pussy thought. Oh I like that a lot. I want you cock inside me but be quiet so we don't wake anyone up. Go nice and slow for me. You have to stretch me out first before you can go deep. Can I turn over and see your face when you cum? Fuck me a little bit harder now so I can cum to. I want you to cum inside me, deep inside. I promise I take birth control pills so you won't make me pregnant. I want to feel how much cum you shoot inside me. Oh I can feel it warm and squishy inside me. Well, I better get back downstairs before anyone wakes up. Don't worry, I promise I'm on the pill.

Date Added: 07/04/2012
Starring: Claire Heart
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 8 mins

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