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I wonder what it would be like.

Doesn't playing pool make you feel sexy or does it just do that to girls? I feel so turned on right now from taking this stick and jabbing it at these smooth, hard balls. I've always wanted to have sex on a pool table, how about you? Tell you what, if I sink one of these balls will you have sex with me on this table? Ok, lemme see how many tries before I can sink it. Oh I like how you just helped that last ball find it's hole. Your help in sinking it tells me you are ready to fuck me and knock fucking on a pool table off my bucket list. Alright then, get those pants unzipped and let me see a different set of balls and a stick.

Date Added: 12/20/2014
Starring: Alexis Blaze
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 6 mins

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