This is the most boring vacation.  |  (Random)

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This is the most boring vacation.

Can you believe our parents left us here alone in this vacation house? What do they expect us to do to entertain ourselves? I tried to go lay out and swim but its freezing cold outside! This is the most boring vacation Ive ever had. I would rather be at home hanging out with a girlfriend instead of you, my step brother. I can tell you are really not liking hanging out here with me either. What should we do? Ewww, I cant have sex with you. Youre my step brother! Wait a minute, we technically arent related soIm horny, youre horny. You have to promise not to tell anyone about this and that you wont expect this to happen when we go back home. This is one time vacation sex, only because were so bored.

Date Added: 06/10/2015
Starring: Josie Jagger
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 9 mins

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