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Porn Star practice sex with my step-brother.

You know I've been looking everywhere for a job to help me pay for college so mom and dad don't have to worry so much about money. Guess what I found on the internet today? You can't tell anyone about this but I'm going to sign with an Adult modeling agency in California. It's perfectly safe because everyone gets regular testing and I am going to make so much money but I need your help. I need you to use your professional camera and take some sexy pictures of me. Come on big brother, help me out! You're the only one I know with a nice camera. You will! O.k., let's take them in mom and dads bedroom since they have the nicest furniture. I really appreciate this. Just a few more pictures and maybe some with me naked would be good. Oh wow, are you getting turned on by this? I can see that bulge in your pants. That's kind of funny for a brother to get turned on by his step-sister don't you think? Well, I'm going to have go get used to fucking all kinds of different guys so why don't I start practicing with you? We can do it really quick. That way you get something it looks like you want and you are giving me something I need to get a better paying job than I'm used to. Donít be shy, let me suck you. You taste really good. Put the camera down so you can fuck me all over mom and dads bed. Like that, yes, go in balls deep to my pussy. You can fuck it hard. I need to get used to being fucked my big dicks like yours. I want to mount you and ride it deep to. Fuck you feel so amazing in my little tight hole. Don't cum inside me, you have to pull out. They do a lot of cum shots in porn so let me feel your cum shot on my ass. Shoot it all over my ass cheek. Fuck yes! That was so hot! I can't believe I just fucked my step-brother and I liked it! Now hurry up and help me clean the bed so no one knows what happened in here. I am so ready to go be a porn star!

Date Added: 08/09/2012
Starring: Veruca James
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 15 mins

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