I wont be a bad girl again.  |  (Random)

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I wont be a bad girl again.

I own up to being a bad girl for looking at your phone without your permission. You give me such good dick I went a little crazy with jealousy. Ive been thinking all day what a bad thing it was that I did and I'm ready to make it up to you. Do you like the lingerie I picked out especially for our make up sex? Please don't make me beg too much for your forgiveness. Lets not waste my mouth on words. Stuff my pretty little mouth with that fat cock of yours and let me show you what a good girl I can be but don't forget to spank me like the bad girl I was.

Date Added: 09/14/2015
Starring: Pristine Edge
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 7 mins

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