I would love to spend time with you.  |  (Random)

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I would love to spend time with you.

Ever since my husband got sent to prison I admit to being pretty lonely. Its so nice you agreed to help me whenever I need. I guess that's what best friends do for each other. You've been a best friend to my husband for many years. You and I haven't spent much time together so I don't want to be out of line in saying this but, I would really love to spend more time with you. Its no mistake I am wearing a skirt this short in knowing you were going to be here today. Do you get what I am saying? By that bulge growing in your pants I can see you are in agreement with my thoughts.

Date Added: 01/14/2016
Starring: Mercedes Carrera
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 7 mins

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