I can't leave this house horny.  |  (Random)

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I can't leave this house horny.

Oh hi, I'm your dad's date tonight. We met on that dating site he probably told you of me. I saw your light was on as I was making my way out of the house. You're in college right? See the situation is, your dad feel asleep before I could get my ahem, sexual satisfaction. He certainly got his nut and left my high but not dry if you catch my drift. I certainly can't leave this house as horny as I am I might cause an accident on the drive home. What do you say if you and I have a quickie, a quiet quickie so as not to wake your dad. You wouldn't mind fucking an older woman would you? I don't mind young dick at all. I know exactly how to use a cock to pleasure myself, all I need is more than the three minutes your dad gave. Can I suck you? What a nice big cock you have, it's so much bigger than your father's wilted weenie. Oh fuck me balls deep! You know, I didn't get dessert at dinner tonight. Why don't you give me your sweet cum? I'll suck it straight from your lovely nut sack. Thank you so much for taking care of this cougar pussy. You are a much better ride than your dad. If you want, why don't I take you for dinner next weekend and we can do this again at my place after. You can eat me out for dessert, I'll even buy whip cream for the clit topping.

Date Added: 10/08/2012
Starring: Lisa Demarco
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 12 mins

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