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You are my favorite.

Are you ready for cardio training?

I would love to make you feel better.

Honesty pays off.

We're getting married!

This will be our closure.

The secret is out.

Is it really cheating?

It is only fair we should cheat on them

We can make a dirty home movie.

Sex over school today.

Are you horny for me?

I am here just for you.

No one will even miss us.

All the information you need.

You're so hard for me.

I'll hang out with you.

I am going to give up my ass.

Who knew this could happen?

Will you be my sex teacher?

Yoga is great for sex.

Swinger sex is fun.

Good thing she's a lightweight.

I've kind of been sheltered.

You are such a sweetie.

I do what I want!

No need to know your name.

StepDaddy, could you come hang out with me?

You're the hottest guy in school!

Our sex is amazing.

You deserve everything good.

I'm a dirty dancer

You are such a shy guy.

I cum first this time.

How's your dating game?

Am I hot enough to be in porn?

I have wondered about an older man.

Neither of us should feel lonely.

You know what time it is.

This will be a quickie

Just this one time is all.

My fiance approves of this.

You can't get enough of me!

I've heard you get around.

I would like to have a baby with you.

I am a better distraction.

I can tell you want to learn.

Practice makes perfect

Guess who gets my virginity?

I came from a dry marriage.

You know I like being slightly naughty.

Fill me with your love seed

He is hotter than my stepdad.

You can help me out, friend.

I'm new to this "poly" lifestyle.

You're better than my boyfriend.

Sex is human nature.

This will be your best tip today.

We should keep quiet about us.

You could do double duty

I wish I were my mom.

I grew it out for you.

Being a scapegoat has its benefits.

This doesn't mean we're back together