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I need some practice.

I want you to serve me - Crystal Clark

Let us make this interesting shall we?

I'm sure you could handle me.

Your dad cant keep up with me.

Could you fuck a nerdy girl?

Does your dick measure up?

This will be a quickie

Office slut at your service.

Summer camp can be fun!

I really need this house sale

Well this is completely new for me.

Your wife doesnt fuck it?

We should christen the new furniture

Who likes nerdy/naughty girls?

Even a nerd needs sex.

This is my first affair.

Sex is the best exercise.

I need naughty sex.

This doesn't mean we're back together

You have the hots for your professor.

I am just the younger version.

You need hands on therapy.

I would like to show my appreciation.

Are you sure your wife is asleep?

I'm not the whore next door.

I have always had a thing for you.

Can I get the same deal?

I know you like my nerdy side.

I can't control my urges for sex.

Sex with the ex.

Sex with him for sleep-aid.