I'm your new mail order bride.  |  (Random)

I'm your new mail order bride.

It's so nice to finally see you in person. I came a long way to be here with you in your country. I have to confess something before we get married. I like big cock to pleasure me and you must have a big American cock or else we can't get married because I won't ever be sexually satisfied. Please show me your cock. I will take off my top and show you my small boobies then you can show me your cock. Oh, it's getting big already, I can see it under your boxers. I think I will like having your big American cock inside me. May I taste you? I am ready for you to slide it inside. Oh, you are stretching me! Do it to me faster and faster. I will climb on top and sit on your cock. It's going in all the way, I can feel it deep inside. Where are you going to cum? You want to cum on my skin? Oh look at all that cum you put on my bottom. I like to rub your hot cum into my skin. You exhausted me, which is good because it means we can go ahead with the wedding and my citizenship. I am yours.

Starring: Cindy Starfall

Date Added: 05/30/2021
Starring: Cindy Starfall
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 14 mins

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