An older man gets the job done  |  (Random)

An older man gets the job done

I'm kind of glad your step-son couldn't come to help me set up the house. He probably would have just stood around watching me do everything. That's one great thing about older men, you know how to get a job done. You have the maturity to take charge and take control which I find so appealing. If I'm honest, I've had a strong attraction to you since your step-son and I began dating. Maybe this is all pointing me in the direction of breaking up with him and being your new play thing. Let's see if we have sexual compatibility first. My bed is all set up, I think this is a great time to find out!

Starring: Destiny Lovee

Date Added: 09/17/2019
Starring: Destiny Lovee
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 9 mins

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