I'm hotter than my sister.  |  (Random)

I'm hotter than my sister.

I've always wanted to have some alone time with you. The rest of my family including my step-sister are out shopping and will be gone at least another hour. It's cool you are able to let yourself into our house and make yourself comfortable in her bedroom. Does it make you uncomfortable for us to be alone in her room? I have to ask, what do you see in her anyway? She isn't as hot as I am is she? Look how much nicer my tits are than hers. I can see your cock growing so you must be attracted to me. Come closer and touch my big tits, it's ok. I know my step-sister doesn't shave her snatch but I do. You want to lick my clean shaven pussy? Oh that feels so good. I won't tell my step-sister if you want to fuck me. I want to fuck you. Come on, no one else will be here for a long time. I'll blow you to wet your stick before you stick it in me. You feel so good. Slide it in balls deep. Let's make a mess on my step-sister's bed and make it smell like our sex. She will be so confused why her bedroom smells. You have to pull out when you're ready to make a mess. Blow your load on my huge tits. I want to see how big your cum shot is. Holy fuck that was hot! You made me feel so fucken good! I had so much fun and remember if you want some real pussy again, I'll be around.

Starring: Alexis Grace

Date Added: 06/14/2021
Starring: Alexis Grace
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 8 mins

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