I'm way more fun than my sister.  |  (Random)

I'm way more fun than my sister.

What do you see in my step-sister anyway? Look at how sickening sweet she is with flower paintings all over her bedroom. She is such a goody two shoes. Wouldn't you have more fun with a bad girl like me? I am so much more fun than her because I know for a fact she doesn't put out. She's not around right now and I will totally put out so let me see it. You know what I am talking about. Let me see your cock. Oh my, she is letting that go to waste? I want to taste it. Isn't this fun? Don't worry I won't tell my step-sister what we're about to do on her bed. I am so horny today and super glad you stopped by and even more excited that she isn't home so I get you all to myself. Come on and fuck me like the bad girl I am. You can drill me deep with that dick and I'll beg for more. Oh yes, just like that! Oh god, you're making me cum so good. I needed this! Are you going to cum to? Ah, you just blew a load all over my little ass! Good thing you didn't cum on my step-sister's sheets. We should probably hurry and get out of her bedroom shouldn't we? I'll have to text you next time she is gone and I am horny and home alone.

Date Added: 07/08/2021
Starring: Amai Liu
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 7 mins

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