I'm better than you're girlfriend.  |  (Random)

I'm better than you're girlfriend.

We should have told your girlfriend to meet us here an hour before we were supposed to meet. She is always late! I know she's my best friend and I love her, but I have to ask you, why are you with her? I know she can be kind of a selfish bitch. You seem so nice, not to mention you're totally hot and can have any girl you want. Since she wont be here for another hour, what do you say we make the best use of the time? You know what I mean, I've seen you looking at my tits before. I'll show them to you. Come on, it will be fun! I've wanted to fuck you for so long I can't believe it's happening. Hurry up and get in me! Oh god yes, I knew you would feel this good. Let me ride that big dick of yours. You love my big tits bouncing as I ride your cock don't you? You want to pull out and cum on my tits right now? Ok, do it. Ah yes, look at all that cum! Oh damn! Did you just hear a knocking? I heard it. I think it's your girlfriend. Hurry and get dressed while I go take care of this and don't worry, she won't ever find out you fucked her best friend.

Starring: Emma Heart

Date Added: 07/11/2021
Starring: Emma Heart
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 11 mins

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