Come on , take it out.  |  (Random)

Come on , take it out.

Good morning step-daddy. Look at my pretty friend who rested over last night, her name is Emma. I was telling Emma how enormous your cock is and she doesn't believe me. She wonders why I don't hook up with guys at our college and I told her it's because I have you at home. I told her it's not so bad because you're only my step dad so it's not like we're really related. You didn't even raise me so we aren't like step-daddy step-daughter although you like me to call you step-daddy. I think she is going to love your big cock as much as I. We won't tell anyone. I've managed to keep this a secret from everyone for a long time, you know that. I wanted my friend Emma to feel as good as you make me feel with your big dick. That's it step-daddy, fuck my best girl friend. Give it to her good. Oh I can feel you thrusting into her! Are you going to give us your cum? Spray it all over her big tits! Oh wow, look at all that cum! That was so much fun. You know what your cum taste like step-daddy? Sweat, sin and shame.

Starring: Amai Liu and Emma Heart

Date Added: 07/20/2021
Starring: Amai Liu and Emma Heart
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 10 mins

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