I will polish your wood everyday .  |  (Random)

I will polish your wood everyday .

Are you sure you want to give your step-mother's hope chest to me? I understand you want to keep it in the family. I know your step-son won't take care of it but I will. Can I be honest with you? I only married your step-son in hopes he would grown up someday to become just like you. As you can tell, I've had a major crush on you for years. I would love to have a part of something that belongs to you in our home. I'll take such good care of it, I'll polish it everyday. Oh wow, I mentioned the work polish and I just saw your cock twitch in your pants. Am I turning you on with my honesty of how much I admire you? Would it be wrong for me to want to have sex with my step-father in law because I do. I'll show you. Come closer as I take off my shorts and show you how wet my pussy is for you. Can I suck it? Oh god, look how big you are. Your step-son isn't as big as you. You taste so damn good. I need to climb on this big dick and ride it. Oh fuck yes, I want this big dick to make me cum. I want to taste your cum load. Will you let me swallow it? Don’t be shy. I'll swallow all of your hot creamy load because I want a part of you inside me. Mmm, that was yummy. I think I should actually come pick up this hope chest tomorrow. I hope your wife won't be home again if you know what I mean.

Starring: Alexis Grace

Date Added: 08/16/2021
Starring: Alexis Grace
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 10 mins

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