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So you want to be a porn star?

I'm here to see if you have what it takes to be a porn star. Google my name, Summer Brielle and watch how much I love to fuck. You think you have what it takes to satisfy a hot porn star like me? Let me see your big cock. I love to suck a cock deep down my throat before I let it go in my perfect pink pussy. You certainly have a nice large dick and you taste good. I like how fast you got hard for me. I'm going to get on my hands and knees so you can fuck me from behind in doggystyle. In this position your cock can go really fucking deep so give me every inch. Now its my turn to ride you. Lie down so I can climb on top. I'm really liking how good your cock feels. Watch my tits as I bounce on your fucken stiff dick. Oh god, I'm rubbing my clit so I can cum. Make me cum! Oh you know how to fuck don't you? It's my turn to lie down now. I'll spread my legs wide while you ram it deep inside my wet pussy. I fucken love the way you fuck my little cunt. Oh god, you're making me cum again! In porn you can't cum in my pussy, you have to shoot your load on my tits. Pull out and frost my huge tits with your cream. Oh wow, look at all that hot creamy cum! You definitely have what it takes to be a porn star. Mmm, that was so good.

Date Added: 08/31/2021
Starring: Summer Brielle
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 9 mins

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