I'm so glad you're here with me.  |  (Random)

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I'm so glad you're here with me.

It's to bad you and your wife are having marital problems right now. I understand how hard marriage can be. I just want you to know you are welcome to stay with my husband and I as long as you need. I have to admit, I've had a crush on you for a very long time. I am actually really glad to have you around the house. I've also secretly wondered if you're more of a man, you know, in the cock department. My husband hardly fulfills my needs if you get what I mean. Do you think I could maybe have a look at your dick? No harm in just looking. Oh it's everything I thought it would be. I must touch it. You know where this is going. I am an unsatisfied woman and I really want your cock! Let's have a quick fuck before my husband gets home from work. He won't mind because then I won't be bothering him for sex tonight. Please lick my pussy. My husband refuses to lick my pussy, says it's not a manly thing to do. You lick my wet cunt so well. Oh god yes fuck me like I've needed for so long! I want you to cum inside me. I want to feel what your hot load is like filling my pussy. I'm not even going to shower our sex off before my husband get's home. I want to smell you on me the rest of the night. Oh yeah, you can stay here as long as you need to. I'm going to fuck you every day you are here.

Date Added: 09/24/2021
Starring: Cherie DeVille
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 9 mins

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