Is yours bigger than his?  |  (Random)

Is yours bigger than his?

I happened to see my step-brother jerking off on the toilet the other day and got a good look at his cock. I think my step-brother is kind of weird so I wasn't going to say anything about seeing him but it got me thinking about your cock. What does your cock look like? You've been staying here all summer with our family and you're such a nice guy. Come on, show me what your cock looks like. It's not like we're really related, you're just my adopted cousin. I want to see how big your cock is. Oh wow! Look at the size of that! I'd have to use two hands to wrap around and jerk it off. Not like my step-brother who only had one hand wrapped around his dick. I have to feel that thing inside me. Go ahead and use my big tits for your pleasure. I know they are so soft and feel amazing against your rock hard cock. Carefully slide it in inch by inch. I want to feel every part of you til you're balls deep. How does it feel to fuck your cousin? I can only imagine how big your load must be. Pull out and spray it on my ass. Oh my gosh, I felt all that warm cum hit my ass. Well, we should probably get cleaned up but thanks for the end of summer fun!

Starring: Alex Chance

Date Added: 12/14/2021
Starring: Alex Chance
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 9 mins

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