It is my first time doing this.  |  (Random)

It is my first time doing this.

I really appreciate you showing up on such short notice. My girlfriend was raving about your services. I've been single for so long I figured it couldn't hurt to try your service. I have my own condom for you in Magnum size. My girlfriend pre warned me of your size. I am very excited for this. I haven't had my pussy licking in a long time so would you please start there? Oh it feels so good to have a warm mouth on my pussy mound. I would like to taste you without a condom. Ok, let's get to fucking. Oh yes, I need this so much! I can always cum when I ride a big cock like yours. After I cum you can let go anytime. Let me see how much cum you injected in that condom. I have to see your sweet cum. That was so much fun! Thanks again for coming over, you are worth every thing inside that envelope.

Starring: Raylene

Date Added: 01/19/2022
Starring: Raylene
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 9 mins

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