You should delete my dirty pictures  |  (Random)

You should delete my dirty pictures

I meant to send those pictures to my boyfriend. You shouldn't keep them on your phone, what if step-mom finds out? Oh, you're going to tell her I was sending dirty pictures to my boyfriend? No, You can't do that! Come on, you're my step-dad what do you care? You want to keep the pictures because they turn you on? Wow step-dad, that's kind of perverted. I will do anything to keep you from telling step-mom about this, I mean anything. It's better if I show you what I'm talking about, come here to your bed. I've wondered what your cock looks and tastes like. Come here and show it to me. So that's what makes my step-mom moan at night. I want you to make me moan. Will you put your mouth on my pussy first? Oh, I like the way your tongue moves on my clit. You lick pussy good Step-Daddy. I want to roll over so you can see my ass while you fuck me. You've slapped my ass sometimes as we walk in the house so I know you like looking at it, don't you? We had better hurry up before step-mom gets home so fuck me while I'm on my back so I can watch you cum. Will you cum for me Step-Daddy? Make sure you pull out. You can shoot your load on my belly. Oh wow! It shot past my head! You have a huge load Step-Dad! Now we have to change the sheets or step-mom will know what happened when she sees the huge splat. So this is our secret, right Step-Dad? If that wasn't enough fucking and you want more of my tight little pussy you should sneak in my room after step-mom falls resting at night. I'll be wet and waiting for you.

Date Added: 10/14/2020
Starring: Maddy O'Reilly
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 14 mins

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