Sex is human nature.  |  (Random)

Sex is human nature.

I don't think I'm a sex addict. I have no idea why my therapist is making me go to those stupid sex anonymous meetings. Just because I lost my last job for fucking my boss, and his boss, and the copy room guy, and his wife, who cares? It's ok to be sexual! My therapist says I engage in risky behavior. Does bringing you home from the sex meeting tonight qualify for risky behavior? I haven't had sex in forty-eight hours! If I were such a sex addict there is no way I could have held out for this long don't you think? Anyway, I'm really horny and I'm damn near ready to rip your clothes off so why don't you just take your clothes off quickly for me and we'll get to fucking, which is the only reason I brought you home.

Starring: Lola Foxx

Date Added: 08/20/2022
Starring: Lola Foxx
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 6 mins

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