I may as well do what I want.  |  (Random)

I may as well do what I want.

You probably wonder what I am doing in your bedroom in the middle of the night in my pj's. I let myself in your apartment and hope you don't mind. There is a weird story as to why I am in your room if you will hear me out. My girlfriends, including your girlfriend were at a rest over and your girlfriend was acting weird toward me all night. She really took offense to what my pj's say. It's just a joke but for some reason she thinks I really do have something going with you. She is so insecure isn't she? She became such a cunt that I decided to leave the rest over and actually come to your place and see if you want to party with me. If I am going to be accused of doing something naughty I may as well go ahead and do it. Plus, I am going to do things with you that I know your girlfriend won't do.

Starring: Heather Vahn

Date Added: 07/22/2023
Starring: Heather Vahn
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 10 mins

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