You want me to have it, right?  |  (Random)

You want me to have it, right?

You and I both know I deserve to have the attic space for my new bedroom before step-mom takes it over for a stupid craft room. Can't you for once not do everything she wants and do something I want? Who cares if it's 'happy wife happy life.' I may be your stepdaughter but I can give you something my step-mom never can. She is old and doesn't even take care of herself anymore. I mean I love my step-mom but this matter is something I have to win. I absolutely have to get the attic for my new bedroom and get out of this dinky disgusting bedroom right next to your guy's room. I need my space! I'm only going to be here another year before I take off to college so please lets work something out. I can give you my young, tight, all natural body which you haven't felt one in years! You're just my stepdad and I'm a horny walking wet spot of an eighteen year old. My step-mom never has to find out the real reason I got moved to the attic and she didn't.

Starring: Alexis Blaze

Date Added: 08/15/2023
Starring: Alexis Blaze
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 8 mins

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