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I wish I had married you.

I see what a good husband you are to my step-sister and it makes me wish I could have married you. You wont believe what gift my husband gave me for our fourth wedding anniversary. Look at this ridiculous talking fish that he gave me! I mean I know we have a lot of laughs and inside jokes together, but in your opinion is this an appropriate gift for a hot wife like me? I feel like I am holding up pretty damn well and dress myself to be the sexy woman I am. Its a shame my step-sister hasnt taken good care of herself. You really deserve to be with someone as attractive as you are dont you think? Im not trying to bag on my step-sister or break up our marriages, Im simply suggesting a little exciting fun between family.

Starring: Mercedes Carrera

Date Added: 02/25/2015
Starring: Mercedes Carrera
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 9 mins

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