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My Maid of honor duties.

You must know how happy I am for you and my best friend getting married this weekend. I am really glad you could take a few minutes to come talk with me and your fiance does not need to know you were here ok? So the reason I asked you to come over is that I got to thinking about how very soon you are committing yourself to only one woman. Have you thought about that? That thought would terrify me if I were you. Anyway, I want to be the best maid of honor I can so I am offering myself to you as the last woman you get before you get hitched. I love my best friend dearly but I also like you to. No one has to know about this, ever. This is my personal wedding gift to you.

Starring: Alix Lynx

Date Added: 12/19/2023
Starring: Alix Lynx
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 10 mins

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