I'll fuck your big cock better than your girlfriend.  |  (Random)

I'll fuck your big cock better than your girlfriend.

What is it that you see in your girlfriend? I mean, she is my best friend and I know she is nice but I also know she is kind of a prude. She is actually kind of stupid for leaving us here to wait for her while she went to the store. She told me you have a big dick, too big for her. I like big dicks. I want to see yours. Oh my, she wasn't lying about it! How could she not crave a big cock like yours? Can I have it? I love a big cock stuffing my pussy full. We could fuck real quick while she is gone then clean up and pretend nothing ever happened. I don't want to break you two up, I just want a good fucking and I'm sure you do to. It's all about your cock right now. I'll take it deep down my throat and suck you before you stuff it in my pussy. Lie down so I can climb on that big thing and ride it. I'll even turn around so you can stare at my bouncy ass as I plunge your dick deep in me. I know your girlfriend only likes it in missionary, how boring. Hurry and slam it in me so you can cum! Fuck it like you want and need to fuck! Don't cum inside me, pull it out! Oh fuck yes, look at that mess on my ass. Damn, I think I heard her car pull up, hurry and get your pants on and remember, this never happened.

Starring: Maddy OReilly

Date Added: 12/10/2020
Starring: Maddy O'Reilly
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 10 mins

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