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Make me your dinner date.

I checked the fridge and it appears mom left us with her nasty meatloaf for dinner. I don't know about you but I can't stand that stuff and I am hungry. You haven't been my step-dad for very long and I was thinking since mom is gone out tonight with her friends that you and I could go out. We could have a new daddy/daughter date night together! My favorite restaurant requires us to dress a little more nicely than we are so why don't we both change clothes and go have some yummy dinner together?

Thanks so much for a wonderful meal dad. You don't mind that I call you dad or daddy do you? I like calling you these names. I feel a little flirty from having that drink with dinner. It seemed like you were really enjoying my company as much as I enjoyed yours. I can't recall having this much fun on a date in a long time. I know a way we could end the night perfectly if you want. I felt your eyes on me all night in a way that dads don't usually look at their daughters. Since we aren't blood related and I am horny I think we should have a fun little quick romp before my mom gets home. I want your big warm hands on my body. Squeeze my little boobs and kiss them gently. I bet my mom doesn't suck you off any more but I will. You want to lick my ginger pussy? Lick it before you stick it Daddy. Stick it in me and make me feel good. You like fucking my tight little body better than my moms? You gonna give me all your hot load and have none left for my mom? I want all of it on my tight little ass. Yes, yes, give me my cum filling for dessert daddy. The end to a perfect date.

Date Added: 12/13/2020
Starring: Dani Jensen
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 17 mins

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