You fancy a coo-gar?  |  (Random)

You fancy a coo-gar?

My step-son is so irresponsible in not telling you he got called in to work. You came all the way over here and sorry to say there is no one home but me. You are glad I am the only one home? Oh stop, you're going to make me blush. Don't you have a girlfriend, someone your own age you should be spending time with? You don't? I am old enough to be your step-mother and then some. You certainly have grown into a nice young man and got your college body, not a skinny high schooler any more. You are attracted to older women? Oh my, well I'm not sure what to do with that information. You know, my husband is quite a bore in bed but I'm sure a strapping young guy like yourself could give this step-mom a ride she wouldn't soon forget. I'm open to this and its certainly looks like you are judging from that bulge in your trousers. I'd like to taste that trouser snake of yours. Oh it's so much larger than my husbands! Would you do something for me that my husband won't? Lick my nipples with your handsome mouth. Oh yes, nibble and you can even bite. I like it a little rough. My fleshy pussy is wet enough for your cock. I'll hold my legs up so you can cram that cock in deep. This is what I've wanted for so long, a big hard dick. Give it to me doggy style bebe. Ram it in right up to your balls. You must pull out and shoot your load on my ass. That's a good boy. What a fun ride you are. Now go on and get dressed. It would be a bigger mess if we got caught like this.

Staring: Lisa DeMarco

Date Added: 01/09/2021
Starring: Lisa Demarco
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 11 mins

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