Your performance evaluation sucks.  |  (Random)

Your performance evaluation sucks.

I absolutely hate wasting my time by having to call you in my office and treat you like a grade schooler. We're adults here and you should be more concerned about keeping your job! I know you have responsibilities at home and you need this paycheck. I could cut you like that if I wanted to but there is something more I want than just a good job evaluation from you. I want your cock. You heard me, take it out and get it hard because you're going to fuck your boss with that cock. You want to keep your job? I suggest you move quickly to make me happy because this is our lunch break and it won't last long. You had better fuck me good enough to make me orgasm so much that my legs shake. Your job depends on this. Get over here with that hard cock. I want it now. Yes yes, ram it in faster, harder. Oh yes, I'm cumming I'm cumming! Ah, that is exactly what I needed to relieve a little pent up tension. What do you mean what are you supposed to do with your boner? I don't care what the fuck you do with it but don't leave your ejaculate in my office. Zip your dick back in your pants and go down the hall to the restroom to finish yourself off. You had better not say a word of what just took place here in my office. If I happen to hear so much as even a rumor of this, your ass is canned. Hey, it's not all that bad is it? You could have to do a lot worse to keep that paycheck coming, remember that.

Starring: Zoey Holloway

Date Added: 02/23/2021
Starring: Zoey Holloway
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 8 mins

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