Your dad's blue pill didn't work.  |  (Random)

Your dad's blue pill didn't work.

Your step-dad took a little blue pill and then fell resting. I was ready for my pussy to be stuffed and he just rolled over and started snoring. I am so damn horny I thought since you are just down the hall and newly single that maybe just this one time you can fuck this ache in my groin out of me and no one has to know anything ever happened between us. Would you do this for your step-mom? I'm not your real step-mom and you're nineteen so it's not that bad for this to happen. I'll take good care of your cock. I only need it for a few minutes and then I'll cum. Would you be a good boy and lick mommies pussy for just a minute? I can hardly wait to feel that stiff rod inside me. Your step-dad has nothing but a flacid noodle. I knew you would have a gorgeous thick dick for me. Oh yes, fuck me in any position you want. Where do you want to make a mess on me? Do you want to pull out and shoot your load on my ass? Oh, you like my huge tits. Come on bebe fuck me hard then pull out and shoot your hot cream all over mommies titties. Oh that felt so good. O.k, well since we're both satisfied you can go back to rest now. Sweet dreams my young stand in stallion.

Starring: Karen Fisher

Date Added: 03/04/2021
Starring: Karen Fisher
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 11 mins

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