I have a new panty & bra set, let's fuck.  |  (Random)

I have a new panty & bra set, let's fuck.

I know how much you like delicate little panties and a pretty bra. I bought these while thinking of you and wore them all day in anticipation of you coming home. Do you like them on me? I can see something stirring in your pants which tells me you're thinking same as I. So glad you're as horny as I am. Come here and lick my pussy while I pull my panties to the side. Your mouth feels so damn good on my little pink spot. As much as you like this bra I know you like my tiny boobies even more. I need that cock bebe. Stick it in and fuck me. Put that mouth on my nipples while you fuck my little pussy. That cock feels so good. Lay down so I can ride you. You like watching my tiny boobs bounce don't you? Does my wet pussy feel good sliding up and down your shaft? I'll turn around so you can see my ass as I bounce until I cum from your cock ramming. Ok, now it's your turn. Mount me from behind and fuck me but you better not cum inside me. Oh yes, I feel your hot squirt on my labia. That was close! I am so glad you came home to me. I needed that.

Starring: Ashley Stone

Date Added: 03/10/2021
Starring: Ashley Stone
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 9 mins

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