My boyfriend thinks I'm doing you.  |  (Random)

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My boyfriend thinks I'm doing you.

My boyfriend, or should I say ex-boyfriend finally revealed why he has been so weird to me since you came to stay here. He thinks I am doing you! You're my step-sister's step-son so isn't that a disgusting thing to think? We're not really realated. I'm your aunt and older than you. I don't have a thing for college guys. No matter what I said I couldn't convince him that you are only staying here because I live close to your school. He broke up with me after much yelling at each other which brings me to having this discussion with you. I feel that if I am going to be accused and condemned for doing some thing I haven't, I may as well do it and have some fun! You are attractive and I have thought about playing around with you. We're both cooped up in this house so much we may as well enjoy what we can together. I'll tell you what I like a guy to do to me if you want to play. First let me get you good and hard with my mouth. Now you can make my pussy wet with your tongue. Slide that thick cock of yours in my little hole and fuck me with everything you've got! I don't have a boyfriend anymore so you may have to take care of my needs now. I don't care what position we fuck so long as you do me doggystyle and pull out to spray your load on my ass. I love to feel hot sticky cum on my ass. You fucked me so good I think I'm going to like not having a boyfriend anymore. Or maybe you can be my new boyfriend as long as you don't tell your step-mother!

Starring: CeCeStone

Date Added: 03/13/2021
Starring: CeCe Stone
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 12 mins

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