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Fuck me like you do your wife.

Thanks so much for letting me hang at your house while I wait for the lock smith to let me in my house. It's nice to have a neighbor as kind as you. There is one thing I would like to ask if it's not too personal. I happen to hear a lot of sex noises coming from your house. It sounds like you really give your wife a good pounding. You know I am divorced. I hardly date and certainly don't get laid as often as I would like to. I was wondering if since your wife is out of town on business right now and I have an hour to sit waiting for the lock smith that you could fuck me like you do your wife? I would never tell her. There is no way I would mess up having you two as the great neighbors you have been. I just could really use a good screwing and it sounds like you're the guy who could give it to me. I can hardly wait to see what size cock you have. Oh wow, it's really thick! No wonder your wife hollers like she does when you're ramming her with this thick chub. Mmm, let me taste you. I need to sit on top of that thick pole to make myself cum. Do you feel how wet my pussy is for you? I really want you to plow my pussy with your big dick while I lay here. Yes, like that, go all the way deep inside me. It barely fits inside my tight hole! You feel so fucking good I'm glad I got locked out of my house today. You made me cum so damn good. Where to you want to leave your cum? Oh you know exactly when to pull out and cover my tan lined tits with your hot load. Ah, I feel so much better and don't worry, I won't say a word to your wife but I will be a little jealous of her next time I hear you two screwing.

Starring: CeCe Stone

Date Added: 03/22/2021
Starring: CeCe Stone
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 10 mins

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