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My boobs are too big for this shirt.

Oh step-dad I'm so glad to see you are back from your trip! Usually when you go places you bring me back a present cause you're the best stepdad ever! So what did you bring me this time? I like this cute tank top, it's pink, my favorite color. I want to try it on so cover your eyes, no peaking step-daddy. Oh no, there is a problem. My boobs are too big for this top. It feels like my boobs are being squished inside the shirt. You know my size so why would you buy me something so small? Oh - now I get it. You WANT to see my big boobs squished inside a shirt. Is that why there is a big bulge in your pants? Let me see what's in your pants. I'll show you my big boobs without the shirt on. I've been wanting your dick for a long time so now is the perfect time without step-mom here. It's ok to want your cock in my mouth, we're both adults who happen to be attracted to each other. You can fuck my big boobs before you stick it in my wet young pussy. I know my pussy will feel much better than my step-mom's old sloppy hole. Fuck me like that step-daddy. I want to climb on you and ride it. Oh it feels so big in there stretching me out. You can't cum inside me so do you want to cream my boobs? I'll let you squirt your cum on my big boobs. I want to see your cum on me. Mmmm, that was so much fun! Thanks again for the present step-daddy!

Starring: Jessica Robbin

Date Added: 03/28/2021
Starring: Jessica Robbin
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 12 mins

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