I don't usually have sex with a customer, but...  |  (Random)

I don't usually have sex with a customer, but...

I just want you to know I don't normally go home with customers because I could lose my job at the strip club. You took such good care of me all night at the club so I wanted to do something to take care of you here and now. What I want to do with you we couldn't do in the VIP lounge so come closer and let me play with your cock. Did you know I could feel how hard your cock was for me when I gave you all those lap dances? There is a reason I am the top bitch at the club and now that my hand is wrapped around this big dick of yours I'll show you. I need to taste you first though. Oh your cock tastes so good! I can take all that big hunk of meat down my throat. Give it to me. Go on, push it down my throat so I can gag a little on it. I like when a big cock makes my eyes water. Now that it's slippery with my deep throat saliva I wanna jerk it. I saw you staring at my big tits all night so here they are without the bikini top. Come here and slide your cock in between my tits. My soft mounds feel so good on your cock don't they? You know, it's kind of pathetic that you have to come to a strip club to get a girl. I just happened to be horny for your money and came home with you. You are going to pay me for my time tonight. Wow, knowing you are a money slave really turns you on! I can tell you are close to shooting your load. I'm a hungry little cum slut tonight so shoot that hot load in my mouth. I want all of it to slide down my throat. Oh your cum tastes so good. That was about a 20G deposit in my mouth. You're happy to pay it though, my new money pig.

Starring: Leya Falcon

Date Added: 04/03/2021
Starring: Leya Falcon
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 8 mins

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