Fill my ass with your cum Professor.  |  (Random)

Fill my ass with your cum Professor.

I can't believe there is still detention in college. Is it because this is a catholic dominant school that we have this stupid dress code? Isn't it enough that I am wearing long sleeves? My skirt could be longer if I pulled it down on my hips instead of my waist. I've been here in this bland boring room for almost four hours. I'm sure that's enough time to serve for a dress code violation. Is there another reason why you are keeping me here alone with you for so long? Why are you staring at me like that? Hey, don't get any weird ideas. I am still a virgin. There is no way in pardon my expression, HELL that I won't squeal if you think you can take my virginity in lieu of serving more time in detention. What? How much longer do I have to sit here? No way, I won't do it so let's strike a bargain. I will give you my ass hole to fuck if I can be free to go right after you fill me with your cum. Here see, I have no panties. I will bend over the desk and open my ass wide so you can slide yourself easily into my little pink balloon knot. Oh yes, I like that. It's not going to take you long to fill me is it? Oh wow! I feel a hot gush inside me, is that your cum? It feels so squishy inside me. So now that you have taken the virginity of at least one of my holes, can I go home now?

Starring: Ryan Keely

Date Added: 09/02/2020
Starring: Ryan Keely
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 9 mins

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