May as well since I'm here.  |  (Random)

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May as well since I'm here.

These apps have made life more complex in some ways when it comes to hooking up. I thought you looked much older on the app. I had no idea I would be turning up at a frat house. I mean look at me, I could be your step-mother. I would have had you at a very young age but its possible and this just got weird for me. Since I came all the way here and you are legal I guess it wouldn't be all that unusual for us both to get off and get on our separate ways. Tell you what, you show me what you've got and I'll show you mine. This is a playful way to break the ice.

Starring: Ryder Skye

Date Added: 01/20/2019
Starring: Ryder Skye
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 7 mins

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