Photos and sex, my favorite activities!  |  (Random)

Photos and sex, my favorite activities!

This is turning into quite the photography session. I feel so comfortable with you taking these sexy pictures of me. I want my husband to be turned on when he looks at these shots. I think he will because I notice you have a stirring in your pants with each pose I strike. Truthfully, I'm turned on as well. Do you ever hook up with your models? Would you be open to me touching you instead of just posing for you? Maybe we could have a practice session of what it might be like when my husband sees these pictures you've taken of me. I want to fuck you first for practice.

Starring: Alexis Fawx

Date Added: 10/20/2019
Starring: Alexis Fawx
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 8 mins

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