I'm a sex addict junkie.  |  (Random)

I'm a sex addict junkie.

I knew going to a rehab group meeting would only lead to trouble. I tried to tell my therapist I can't be near other sex addicts. So here we are. Should we just talk and try to forget that sex is our drug of choice? I mean I've been sober for 6 days without dick. You've been without pussy for 6 months? I think our being here might be cause for celebrations not continued celibacy. We're both consenting adults capable of making healthy decisions, right? I'm sure we could help each other feel incredible. Nothing wrong with wanting good feelings in life so if you're down to let me on your dick so am I.

Starring: Sarah Vandella

Date Added: 04/11/2020
Starring: Sarah Vandella
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 8 mins

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