Let's have a secret quickie.  |  (Random)

Let's have a secret quickie.

It's so nice having a good friend of the opposite sex. It helps that we are each happily married, or are we? My man has really stopped trying in the romance department and it looks like your wife has stopped trying in the hot body department. I've noticed how she's let herself go. I like that we can all get together for weekend game nights but there is sure a lot of underlying tension between the four of us don't you think? I was wondering if maybe you and I could help each other out sexually without our spouses ever finding out. I am a sexual person who needs to get fucked properly and all my man cares about is the latest game on television. I see you have some build up and I'm thinking we can do something about this with a quickie. We can have a secret quickie. No one has to know so long as we can keep quiet. Come here, let me taste that hard on I see bulging through your pants. Just as I thought, you taste really good. I can hardly wait to get this fat cock inside me. My pussy is throbbing with anticipation right now. I know you need this as much as I. Slide yourself in all the way to the top of my wet cavern. Doesn't it feel good to be in a pussy that wants you? Oh yes, fuck me like you need it. Let me ride you so I can cum. Are you going to cum with me? Oh please yes, cum deep inside me. I felt your cock quiver as you released. Don't you feel so much better now that you let go of some stress? Come here so I can taste my pussy off your cum covered dick. Oh our sex tastes so good. We should probably get cleaned up and I get back to my house and we both act like nothing ever happened.

Starring: CiCi Rhodes

Date Added: 04/27/2021
Starring: CiCi Rhodes
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 14 mins

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